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Silk N Smooth Hand Lotion

Naturessence line of Hand Lotions contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, three essential vitamins that work synergistically to help moisturize, soften and soothe your hands, nails and cuticles.


Body Butters

Our Naturessence hand crafted Body Butters have been carefully crafted to deliver the maximum amount of moisture of the most luxurious, longest lasting varieties.   Now you can drench your body with your favorite scent - Hemp, Marula, Moringa, Shea and Cocoa.


Acne Line

Our Naturessence Acne Treatment Line combines the very latest anti-aging ingredients with the most potent acne treatment ingredients allowing you to treat your acne and condition your skin. 



The new lines of naturessence products are the best. The Body Butters are so rich and they moisturize your skin so well. They have a delicious smell.
So do the body lotions.


There's absolutely no doubt that this happens to be number 1 for me...


The Coco Butter feel amazing n silk on ur skin. <3